Thursday, October 18, 2007

What do you do?

Everyone gets asked this question. Do you work? What do you do? Usually the answer is uncomplicated. I'm a cashier. I'm a teacher. I'm a rocket scientist. Everyone knows what those jobs are. I wish you could see the looks on people's faces when I say, I'm a Community Coordinator and Moderator for a parenting website. Total blank stares and then usually something like: Um...okay. They don't have a clue.

So, I try to explain where I work. How we have forums (more blank stares) or message boards where people can post to one another. How we have different forums for different stages of parenting from trying to conceive to expecting to playgroups.. all the way up through the teen years. (confused looks and Oh, okays) I try to relate how a person can get support from other parents all over the world and how they get to be great friends without ever even meeting. (looks of unbelief).

They are interested, though, and then ask, Well, what exactly do you DO? So, then I try to explain my job. How we have over 100 volunteer hosts and I coordinate them to the forums they want and answer questions and help them help the members. And how I moderate any solicitors who want to post for free on the site or people who become abusive.

I seriously think that THEY think I'm a certified wacko. Finally, they just stop asking questions because I really think they think I'm making the whole thing up. I often write down the web address and tell them to come and check it out. Then I tell them I go by Chaffy so they can look for me there. That pretty much clinches the deal....yep, she's a wacko. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? LOL

See ya next time! :o)


Peiby said...

Try explaining PH when you are dating someone and explain that you visit a parenting website daily "But Honey... I host the Waiting to Try forum and the adoption forum."

Anonymous said...

Imagine what it is like when you have pictures of the kids in your playgroup on your refrigerator! My family thought I was crazy when they were asking me who they were! My Christmas card list is also huge and no one understands why...

Carrie (00019)-PH

Chaffy said...

Carrie and Peiby,

That's too funny!! It's so hard to explain isn't it? Thanks for commenting! :)