Friday, October 5, 2007


That's right, smokin'! My Tivo, that is. The fall TV season has started and my poor Tivo is working overtime. All my regular shows from last season PLUS all the new shows I wanna try for this season. It seems like once prime time starts I'm recording two things at all times. And if there could be more recording at one time, I'm sure I'd be doing that. LOL

How did I ever live without this gadget? My hubby wanted one as soon as they came out, to which I replied with a rolling of the eyes and a dismissive grunt that we didn't need it. Then one year we went to my BIL's for a visit and saw it in action......I was hooked immediately! We ordered it the day we got home. LOL You heard it here hubby was right and I was ever so completely and totally WRONG!

I have a suggestion for the Tivo people, though. What we need next is T-Mail. Ever record something that you LOVED and wish someone else had seen it? Someone too far to come and watch it at your house? That's where T-Mail comes in. You could forward your recorded program to your friend. Wouldn't that be awesome?? So what do ya say, Dish network and Directv?? It would be the next big thing, I promise! :)

See ya next time. :o)


D&D's Mom said...

That's a FANTASTIC idea!!!! It would be so much fun to drool WITH you over Derek Morgan. LOL


Chaffy said...

Hehe about SMOKIN!

Jaclyn said...


I feel like I'm the last person on the block to get a colour tv! Enjoy your tivo...

Chaffy said...

Hi Jaclyn!

Glad you came by! If you ever have a chance to get it, do! :) Guess you could say I'm a big fan. Hope you'll come back to Chaffy's World often. :)