Monday, October 29, 2007

Ms. Independence

I mentioned in a previous blog that I'd been doing fund raisers since Kristi was in pre-school. I thought I'd tell you about sending Kristi to preschool for the first time. She was 3...she was going to go for just 3 days a week. It was for her to make some friends her own age and for me to spend some one on one time with my newborn son.

Now, I had been a preschool teacher. I knew many mothers who had clinging children and felt too guilty to leave their babies crying. I would say to them, Really just go, she will be just fine in about 10 minutes when we are involved in an activity.

Well now I was the I was prepared, just in case, to walk out even if she cried. I had the whole thing worked out...a little uplifting speech...a special kiss.

So we get there and I get on my knees at her eye level and I say, Okay honey, now, you are gonna have so much fun. Mommy is going to go while you stay here and have fun, but I'll be back really soon, so you don't have to worry about a thing. I take her hand and kiss her palm and then wrap her little fingers around it and say, This is a special mommy kiss that you can keep with you and if you miss me, you just hold it against your cheek and know I will be back really soon. I have her kiss my palm and tell her I will hold on to her kiss too. The whole time she is looking at me.....and finally I say, Okay, sweetie?

She looks at me and says....Okay mommy, can I GO NOW????? ROFL!!!! I nodded and she ran off to play with her new friends and never looked back! LOL

Then I went home and called every other hour to see how she was doing. LOL

That little independent girl is 20 now...boy how the time flies.

See ya next time! :o)

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