Sunday, October 14, 2007


The competition was HUGE this week! For sure the biggest one we've attended. Fourteen bands in all with four different size categories from A to AAAA. Our Comets took each first place trophy except one and the Best in Class Trophy in their AAA category and then took the second place Grand Champion Trophy over the entire competition! We've never been to a competition where they actually had a second place Grand Champion Trophy...perhaps because there were so many bands.

There were two bigger (AAAA) bands who probably assumed they were battling it out for first and second Grand Champion Trophies since usually the biggest bands have the loudest and best sound...makes sense, right? Not true THIS TIME!! The AAAA band that beat us for first place Grand Champion won by only 1.3 points...soooo very close. But no matter, we parents and the band director were all so happy and we took that second place Grand Champion Trophy home with smiles on our faces, cheers for our kids and pride in our hearts!!!

ETA: The band director called Michael into the office to show him something on the score sheet that was written up by the judges, specifically about him. It said, "Nice first trumpet work. Prepare him for college!!!" WOW! Then the band director told Michael that this is the first time it's been in writing but that at each of the other competitions at least one of the judges had commented on him. DOUBLE WOW! (or would that be triple wow???) I'm really in awe that he's being singled out of 110 other kids.... I mean you always think your kid is great but when others think so too, it's just ...Wow. :)

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

woooooo whooooo you go Mike.HCHS Rocks :)Cs bro

D&D's Mom said...

Yay, Mike! Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I TOLD you it was all Mike.He is KICK A@@ with that trumpetand if the judges see it hes GOT something,they ARE right he can go on a scholarship.As noted before you go Mike Im PROUD of you.Get the big dogs to notice WAY TO GO dude. "respect Mikes athorita".Sis Show this comment to Mike.u know who