Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trophy Number TWO!!!

Here it is, everyone!! Grand Champion trophy number two!!! That's right, yesterday we had our second competition of the year and brought home our second Grand Champion trophy!! Michael took this picture yesterday in the band room with his cell phone while these guys held it for him and these guys are over 6 feet tall.

We took all first place trophies except for one and then the Grand Champion, as well. It's soooo exciting. They added something to the show this week. Two band members ran out to the front of the band and ran towards each other, diving into a round-off, no handed back flip just as the music swelled and the beat got loud and then ran back to their positions, put their hats back on, picked up their instruments and got back into the music just in time to totally blast the fans out of their seats. One of those guys was my Mikey!! SO freakin' exciting!!!!!

I've gotta tell ya, this looks SOO great for our new band director...and sooo bad for the band director who left last year. He'd had our band for 5 years and couldn't seem to get the job done. In walks this new guy and BAM two Grand Champions in a row!

Next week, we're going for a three-peat!!!! WTG, Comets!! We're so proud!

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

Cool beans....YOU GO MIKE.Uncle Joes proud of you.Ummmmm and sis its NOT the new band director.......ITS MIKE :))

Chaffy said...

Hehe! You're right Joe!!! But a mom can only brag so much ....then it just gets annoying to people. LOL BTW, I got it on tape so next time you can come by I'll play it for ya. :)