Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wooohooo for Steve!!!

It's an exciting day in Chaffy's World. My wonderful husband has worked for Wal*Mart for 13 years. He's moved up the chain of command and he's just about had it. Actually, he's just about had it for some time now. The problem has always been that starting over at another company is so difficult. Losing seniority, being the new guy, losing retirement years that have built up, losing benefits and waiting for them to kick in again, not to mention a probable hefty pay cut. So he's stayed and stayed and stayed. The job market around here is bad...really bad. So we've felt lucky to have what we have and yet he needed a change, a new challenge, something different.

Today was the day that he got what he's been wanting! :) They are building a Sam's Club two blocks from his store. They were looking for a Human Resource and Membership Manager. HE APPLIED, INTERVIEWED AND GOT IT!! They actually hired him over the phone without even meeting him. There are many cool things about this news.
  • Since Sam's Club is the same company as Wal*Mart, he carries his seniority, benefits, retirement plan, pay grade and vacation time all with him and loses none of that.
  • He will have new things to do and new challenges.
  • Sam's Club is closed for all the major more working on the holidays!
  • He'll be in on the ground floor of this brand new store and help to hire the employees.
  • He'll be out of the madhouse that is Wal*Mart well before the crazy Christmas season!
  • He'll never have to switch shifts or jobs within the store and possibly end up with 3rd shift as in the 24 hour WM store because Sam's closes at 9 PM and 7 PM on Sundays. They aren't open 24/7.
I'm excited for him. And so proud of him. He would never jeopardize the security our family has had with his position at Wal*Mart even though he hasn't been very happy there for quite a while and now he has found a way to move on to a new challenge and a new job without having to start all over. He's just so awesome. No wonder I married him. :)

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

This is such awesome news! I'm so happy for both of you!!!!!


~Becky said...

Yay Steve!!! What great news! Congrats to the whole Chaffy household. It sounds like you'll all benefit from this new opportunity. :)

Anonymous said...

Steve DESERVES it.If I had to spend 13 years in a place I wanted to get out of but couldnt.....................................Id've killed someone by now.You go Steve-A-Reeno.You bro-in-law/brother