Sunday, September 2, 2007

J & D your service!

Well, I've been a busy lady the past two weekends. My mom decided she would like some painting done at her house....umm her WHOLE house. She wants everything painted a glossy white to "brighten up the place." It's not a huge house, but it does have 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 hallways, a kitchen and a living room, so it's big enough. Some of the rooms were painted about 10 years ago...the others have never been painted....ever. Original wallpaperboard whatever it's called. (Yeah that's a technical term. LOL)

So I got a call from my brother, Joe asking me what I'm doing on Saturday to which I reply, Nothing much, to which he answers, Oh, you shoulda said you were busy carting the kids around or something. LOL I could hear the smirk in his voice. He tells me about mom's request and I don't mind helping out at all. Joe and I are a great team and I knew this would be fun.

So last Saturday comes around and we're ready to roll (get it..roll? paint? hehe). Naturally, we have to move all the furniture, drape everything, etc. We actually made sure that the two recliners were still in a position to sit in so that we'd have some where to sit for breaks. LOL (How's that for great planning?) We cranked the tunes (70's music all the way!) and got busy. I was right, it was fun. We laughed and planned what to do first....trim, primer, gloss, more gloss...maybe another coat. We brushed and painted and rolled and danced and sang loudly. We made messes and got paint on our clothes and arms and legs and....well you name it, it was painted. Hey, we never said we were professionals! lol

By the end of last weekend we had half the house completed, the spare bedroom, guest bathroom, hallway and living room. Painted and dried and put back together so mom wouldn't have a mess all week. Putting the rooms back together was a piece of cake compared to putting OURSELVES back together. LOL It was fun, but GOD were we tired! And sore. And bruised. And scraped. (STUPID BED FRAME!) And slightly glossy white. LOL

Thank God we had a week to recoup. This weekend we completed Mom's room, the other hallway and the master bathroom. Only by Saturday night, it felt more like Sunday night as far as aches and pains and exhaustion. I know, I know, I'm old.

Next weekend we tackle the kitchen.....walls, cabinets, counter tops. We saved the worst for last. I don't know how smart that was, now that I think about it. :o/ BUT, next weekend we'll show up and crank the music and dance and sing and move that furniture and roll that paint and have fun again!

See ya next time! :o)


sobojoe said...

I can atest to the battle bruises and the STUPID bed frame ROF,but we are having fun doing it as we always do when we get together.The whole idea is to turn the work into play, but we are now realizing as you get older the aches,pains and bedframe bruises reminds you that it IS WORK.Right Chaffy???? SoBoJoe

Chaffy said...

Hehe! You said it, Bro!!!

Anonymous said...

You're both so good to your mom. I hope that it's all done next weekend! :)


Chaffy said...

Thanks, Bridget. She's a great lady who is good to us too. :)