Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Memo from J & D Painting:

The mission is complete. The entire house is glossy white. This weekend was the last room. The room we dreaded. The KITCHEN! We pushed hard. We started at 9 am and worked through, only stopping for much needed smoke breaks and lunch until 7 pm. We only had the bottom cabinets left. The walls, top cabinets and stove hood were done. Primed twice (or was it three times?), glossed twice. The furniture and fridge were back in place. We were getting tired....and sore but I didn't have to rush home so suggested that if we just finished those bottom cabinets then we could be FINISHED! DONE!! And we could relax for the rest of the weekend. Joe was game. It sounded like a great 7:00.

At 8:00 it sounded like a good plan.

At 8:30 it sounded like an okay plan.

By 9:00 it sounded like a death wish.

We'd pushed TOO hard! LOL

We couldn't stand it anymore. We were SO close but it felt like SOOO far. Finally, we decided we just had to stop. We hadn't eaten dinner and weren't hungry because we we'd been so focused on finishing the job. But NOW our stomachs were protesting along with the rest of our bodies.

Mom, lovingly heated up leftovers and made me some Chunky veggy soup. It was like she brought me liquid gold in a bowl. The longer we sat filling our bellies, the more the fatigue set in. Mom asked if I wanted to have a sleep over and I did consider it. LOL The 30 minute drive home sounded like a cross country trip. I did go home though. I was glad too, because I got a nice massage from my honey when I dragged myself to bed. :)

This morning Joe finished up on his own. Yesterday he'd brought me my very own paint gun to spray those cabinets but didn't think that there would be only one hose to the compressor so two paint guns wouldn't really do us much good. So he went to Mom's and sprayed the bottom cabinets himself.

Today is Grandparent's Day. Steve and I and the boys went over for a little bit to give her a gift and for me to show off the great work done by J and D Painting. :) I wish I'd taken before and after pics. It looks like a totally different house. After all that painting, Mom's got LOTS of paint and primer left over. I came home and looked at my oh-so-dull walls and thought, Hmmmmm...

So it looks like I'm not quite done with painting yet. Mom's giving me the leftovers and we'll be doing my house next. But first I need a vacation! LOL

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're finished! Before you paint your house, take before pictures so we can see how much improved it is after! :)


Anonymous said...

ONE thing is for sure.Chaffy has TEEN KIDS who could do THAT work :).So that leaves ME done, finished,caput....................Unless sis needs me to help then I OWE her BIG time so Id feel bad to leave her do all of it cause you know how teenagers are LOL.C's Bro

Anonymous said...

I have one more thing to add here on this terrific blog page.Although today marks the official first day in her newly painted abode and although it DID take 3 weeks,LOTS of aches and pains(still hurting muchly),bruises and numerous scrubbings to get the paint off we did have a ball doing it.We sang,talked,smoked,embraced,joked and had lots of laughs WHERE DID YOU PUT THE ICEEEEEEEE!!!!!,and with Chaffy by my side Id do it again tomorrow (not really ) LOL. Chaffy's Bro

Chaffy said...

LOL @ not really! I wouldn't dream of asking you to do this again any time soon, but I gotta say for non-professional painters, we kicked ass!!! :)

Chaffy said...


I'll try to remember to take pics. All my walls are white though so I'm not sure that you could tell a big difference in a picture. Flat to semi-gloss...we'll see. :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww thanks sis.AND YES WE DID (pats sis on the back).C's Bro

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading about all the work you did!
I bet Mom is thrilled to have a nice fresh house!

Way to go Chaffy and Joe!