Monday, July 21, 2008

Resume from Hell

OMG ---- This is the resume from Hell. The teacher in me just cringes at the spacing, spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this resume. Seriously, holy shit!! This makes my teeth itch!!! Read on, if you can:


4080 Jenkins RD Chattanooga TN,37421
phone (1800)251-6291
start date 07/11/07
Ending date N/A
job duty;OTR driver

Covenant transport
400 Birmingham ChattanoogaTN,37421
phone (1423)821-1212
start date 09/06/06
Ending date 06/28/07
job duty; OTR driver

HWY 15 and 40 east Keysville VA,23947
phone (434) 736-8406
supervisor;Freida Penczer
start date 07/03/05
Ending date 07/06/06
job duty C.N.A, feeding,bathing ,dressing,assist walking, vitals of the elderly

1146 N.main street Southboston VA,24592
phone (1434)572-4959
supervisorRodney Wilborn
start date 11/28/03
Ending date 08/29/04
job duty C.N.A over seeing residents,vitals bloodsugar"s,feeding bathing and taking
residents to Doctor APPT.

Halifax Reginal hospital
22Hunred wilborn avenue southboston VA,24592
supervisor( human recoursis) worked on 2floor med surgical
start date 09/04
Ending date 02/05
job duty C.N.A vitals,blood sugar"s,feeding help R.N admitt patient,urine collection,bathi

South hill community hospital
133Buena vista circle Southhill VA,23970
supervisor Debra Dean Webster
start date 02/28/03
Ending date 05/17/03
job duty C.N.A vitals,feeding bathing,walking,urine collection,dressing patient

Peidmont geriactric hospital
HWY360 and 460 Burkeville VA,33922
phone (434)767-4401
supervisor(human recoursis) worked on 2 floor 2 East Admitting floor
statr date 03/10/01
Ending date 02/27/03

To whom it my concern
I am appling for a phlebotomy position
in one of your blood banck"s location"S
however American RED CROSS is a large organization
I would like to apply for a R.P.T position
avaliable in a location nearest to my residents
however I would be willing to travel to Lynchburg VA
or one of your nearest locations to me
sincerly Michelle

Grammer schcool
Greibling elementry
K-8th grade
Howell township N.J

Freehold township High schcool
freehold N.J
9th- 12th grade

Longbranch vocatinal shcool
Long branch N.J
attended 09/90
obtain C.N.A certificat
still holding

Keysville VA
attented 01/06
obtain R.P.T (phlebotomy certificate)
R.P.T from American medical association

Blackstone VA
attented 07/06
obtain class A CDL licence


My name is Michelle .. I relocated to Virginia in November of 2000
With the passion of the my love for the country living.I am a kined caring loving person
with great morals.I have a passion for the medical feild and that is what lead me too
pursue my R.P.T to advance a little up the ladder from an C.N.A.. I love to work with
others who like to play on the same team..I am a hadworker and like woking with others
who are in need of help. My patients from the past would say I am a good lisiner
caretaker and kined.. I am very perfessional in the work place and as well have a great
sence of humor .. I take my job serious and others that I may be working with..
I alway"s put my patients and co-worker"s feeling"s in perspective.. my
co-workers and patients from the past would say that I am very nice to work with and caring..

Can you imagine giving this person a needle to jab innocent people with?????? SHEESH!!!

See ya next time! :o)


D&D's Mom said...

I suppose AK doesn't read this blog. Bwahahahahahaha

Tink said...

Let me guess... she hasn't gotten an interview.

I'm the QUEEN of typos and I would NEVER send in a resume that looked like that! What's the point?