Thursday, July 17, 2008

Future Plans

Some of you know that Michael graduated this year and has been considering the Marines. He was to audition for the Marine band and then it was postponed. Some of you also know that I have been very torn because I want this great opportunity for him and yet I'm SO not ready to let him go. But I have been very supportive and kinda just cried by myself at the thought that he'd be leaving in the fall if all went as planned with the Marines. Okay that was the background.

Lately, he has been floundering on the decision about the Marines. And now since the postponement of his audition he is really not sure that this is what he wants to do. He doesn't want to go to college either. He's been stressed about making a decision to do something. And even though I would miss him so terribly, I have been trying to push him towards sticking with the Marine plan because I didn't want the decision to be made out of summer time laziness.

Steve and I finally spoke with him this morning and it turns out that he is just not ready to leave home yet. He just turned 18 and he's not ready. Well, I can't tell you how wonderful that makes me feel. I'M not ready yet either! LOL I was just going along because I thought that's what he wanted and maybe he did at one point but he's unsure now and just wants to stay here with us for awhile.

When we told him he could stay as long as he wants and he didn't have to be out because he was 18, it looked like we just took a ton of weight off of him. It feels like a ton of weight off of me too. Steve also joked that if he was still here when he was 30, we'd have to talk. LOL He has a job interview tomorrow and we will talk more about him paying some sort of rent/food/board kind of deal later after he gets it. (more for responsibility than anything else) and he can at least take a breath and work for awhile while deciding what to do with the rest of this life. After the talk he said, Mom I wanted to stay but I didn't know if you guys wanted me to stay. Sad I hugged him and said, Are you kidding!!??? LOL

So, I can't tell you how happy I am that he is staying. I surely wasn't ready for Kristi to go (what a shocker it was when she left ...I'm 18 and I'm outta here.) and I wasn't ready for Mikey to go either.

I'm a happy mama hen. I get to keep middle chick in the nest for a little bit longer. Smile

See ya next time! :o)


SOMMER said...

awww mama, i'm so happy for you. now everyone can just take a deep breath and exhale that big sigh of relief. and my heart broke for you when i read that he wanted to stay home but didn't know if you wanted him. i am happy you guys found a happy middle ground. ttys!

Tink said...

It's great that you finally talked and found out you were all on the same page after all. I'm happy you're all happy!


TERRI said...

Oh Donna! I'm thrilled for you! He sounds like a terrific son..with a good head on his shoulders!

Enjoy your time with him!