Monday, November 12, 2007

The Last Game

This past Friday was our last football game of the season. It was with our biggest rival school who have had a great season. We knew we were gonna get our butts kicked but we packed up our stadium seats, our big blanket and our umbrellas. We put on our heavy jackets and hats and gloves. And we drove to the rival school to sit in the stands in the rain as the temperature dropped into the 30's to watch our team get ....well, slaughtered. I mean REALLY slaughtered! LOL At halftime the score was 42 to 0. It was pathetic, really. At that point, we were just hoping that it wouldn't be a shut out. The final score was 63 to 20. At least they got the goose egg off the board.

The real reason we bundled up and went out there in the cold, nasty weather was, of course, to watch the band. It was Michael's last high school game...the last time he'd play on the field in his Comet uniform....the last time he'd rock out in the stands. It was bittersweet for him and for us. They had a great performance. HE had a great performance. He hit every note he went for. He marched hard and danced the breakdown part of the show with abandon. He had fun!

Even the rival band was dancing to their music and applauded them when they were done. The rival band was rockin' in THEIR stands to OUR playing from across the field. It was pretty damn awesome.

So here's to the half time show...the REAL show! Here's to rockin' out in the stands! Here's to the Marching Comets...our band home for past 7 years. We are going to miss being band parents. It's been a hell of a ride!

See ya next time! :o)

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D&D's Mom said...

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! I can't see the picture!!!!! :(

Congrats, Mike, on your last game as a Comet band geek!

~A Former Band Geek (who still looks back fondly on all the fun that entailed)