Monday, November 5, 2007


A few years ago, our landlord decided to fumigate the house during Thanksgiving week. The place was torn apart, so rather than trying to do dinner at our place we went to my mom's. She was going to be away for the holiday so we packed up all of our Thanksgiving supplies and headed over to her place on Wednesday night so we could get an early start on the cooking in the morning like usual. Because of the fumigation, we had to take the hamster with us. Mom had five (Yes, FIVE) cats.

So we load up all the food, the kids, clothes to change into in the morning, and the hamster, named Furball and went over after Steve got off of work. After unloading, putting the turkey in a sink of cold water because it hadn't defrosted all the way, getting the kids settled, and putting the hamster cage on mom's desk, we finally sat and relaxed for a bit waiting for the kids to fall asleep. The cats finally noticed Furball and hopped up on the desk surrounding the cage. Poor little Furball was scrunched in the corner having a little hamster heart attack at these uninvited guests.

Before heading off to bed, I put Furball in the spare bathroom and closed the door. We finally hit the sack about midnight, totally exhausted.

Mom's cats apparently are nocturnal animals because as soon as we went to bed they went nuts!!

1:00 am - cats racing around the house, knocking over all mom's knick knacks, sounding like a herd of small elephants. I get up, collect all the knick knacks, shush the cats and head back to bed.

1:30 am - cats scratching at the door. I get up, shoo the cats, head back to bed.

1:45 am - I hear this noise...this weird noise...sounds like tapping or something. I get up to investigate....and find 5 cats hovering over the sink trying to tear the plastic wrapping on the turkey. GRRRRRRRR, I grab the turkey throw it into the fridge and head back to bed AGAIN!

I finally got to sleep about 2:00.....

6:00 am - I wake to my daughter screaming, OH NO FURBALL!!!!!! My feet hit the floor running to the extra bathroom. The door is wide open. One of the boys must have gone to the bathroom in the night and not closed the door. Furball's cage is in pieces on the floor, cedar shavings and hamster food everywhere and 5 cats all milling around the bathroom on the prowl. Poor little Furball is in the corner behind the commode making himself as small as possible, probably with a tiny broken bottle to use as protection. Kristi is crying, the cats are everywhere, the bathroom is a wreck! I scoop up the unharmed (THANK GOD) Furball and hand him to Kristi, yell at the cats and get them out of the bathroom, and then proceed to put the cage back together and get as much of the cedar shavings back into it as possible and then get out the vacuum to clean up the rest of the mess.

Mom calls later in the day, How was everything?? My reply: GRRRRRRRRR....well mom, at this point you're lucky we didn't have CAT for Thanksgiving dinner!!! LOL

What a riot!!!!! We can laugh now but when it was happening, those cats were certainly in my doghouse!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, all!!

See ya next time! :o)

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Anonymous said...

Only 2 words to say in this comment.DAMN CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'S Bro