Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birthday Torture

My birthday is next week. In our house we do the "birthday torture." It's not as bad as it sounds. The birthday torture is when you have a gift for someone that you are really excited about giving them and for weeks before their birthday you take every opportunity to let them know it. Usually it's in chant form. Think of a kid's playground chant. It goes like this, I know what you're gettin' for your biiiiiiiirrrthdaaaayyyyyyy. This birthday torture is also used in December as the Christmas torture.

Every year, my husband asks me for a list of things I'd like for my birthday. Most years I have no idea. I actually usually dread the question. So much pressure! LOL Last week, Steve came home and surprised me with the birthday torture chant. The surprise is not that he's torturing me, but that he never asked me what I wanted. Instead, he chanted with a gleam in his eye and said, And you are SOOOOO gonna love it!

He then proceeded to take my boys into the next room to tell them what the gift is, to which I heard gasps, shrieks and a very clear, NO WAAAYYYYY!!! They came out with huge grins and, of course, started the chant.

Next, he told my mom. He actually whispered to her in front of me so I got to SEE as well as HEAR her reaction. Jaw-dropping shock followed by, OMG!! Are you serious??? HOW did you DO that????

My daughter knows, my brother knows...everyone knows! And everyone is getting into the birthday torture act. They are getting SO creative with it too. Not just the chant this year. This year there are texts, messages popping up on my computer screen, phone calls and talks of a serious sounding nature starting with, I have to tell you something.....followed by a serious non-chanting version of Well, it's just that.....I know what you're getting for your birthday.

What on EARTH could this be that everyone is so excited about???

I'll let ya know when I know!

See ya next time! :o)


Tink said...

I know...
You have a birthday in a few days. LOL

No, they haven't told me what you're getting. So I can't help you out. But knowing what I do about your family I dare bet it's wonderful!


Chaffy said...

LOL Tink..I'm surprised no one has called you so you could join in the birthday torture on MSN. :) No one has done it on MSN yet. LOL

D&D's Mom said...

Mike, Anthony, Steve - someone please email me at and let me in on it so I can torture her too!!!! :)


Anonymous said...


D&D's Mom said...

Chaffy-girl - I gotta tell you that you are one of my closest friends and I love you like a sister.

...and I know what you're getting for your biiiiirthdaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

(oh, and "how did you DO that?" doesn't BEGIN to describe it. :D )

P.S. - Love ya, Mike. (((HUGS))) ROFL

Chaffy said...

Hehe Joe!

Bridget, what a sweet thing to say :o)....right before the torture. LOL

Tink said...

OMG Chaffy, I'm gonna be another year older too! As your older sis, all I can say is
I know what you're getting for your birthday and you're gonna be SO SHOCKED!
It's a wondermous gift!
I would LOVE one too!

Now don't you wish you didn't have to wait 3 more days to find out?!?
I'm sure glad I didn't have to... the suspense was just killing me!

Chaffy said...

LOL Tink! B couldn't wait to tell you I'm sure!!! LOL

Tink said...

Oh now don't blame poor B
It was this little bird that flew overhead and just shouted to me
"Hey, Chaffy's getting a &)(^%$&^*% for her birthday! Couldn't happen to a nicer lady. But how did they pull that off without her knowing? That Steve's one smart guy!"
Then it flew away before I got to ask any specifics.

Anonymous said...

To all the PHers.She will know before this night is through .LOVE you sis Joe