Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I've been published!!

Okay so it was only in our local newspaper, but I'm still happy! :D Around here, sports get all the glory at the school, in our town and in the paper. I get that sports supposedly make money for the school and I love sports, but band is not a seasonal activity like sports are. Band camp starts in July during summer break to get the half time show ready for football season and continues straight through to graduation when the band plays for the ceremony in May. It's a real commitment and these kids and their band director, Mr. Cooper, work so hard. Yet they never seem to get much public recognition. I hear all the time from individuals that they love the band and that halftime is the best part of the game but never anything public, like in the newspaper. So I wrote this letter to the editor and they published it. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Cooper and the Marching Comets,

Congratulations on your huge successes at your first three band competitions of the year!! We are all so proud of our kids and the terrific job they are doing out on the field. For those who haven't heard, your Pride of Halifax Marching Comets have had three competitions so far this year. The first week they took first place trophies in every category including marching, horns, dance, flags, percussion and drum major. They took the first place trophy in their class and then the Grand Champion trophy for best band over all, beating out all the other bands in the competition! The second week was much the same taking all first place and one second place, first place in their class and then Grand Champion. Last week they took all first places and one second place, first in their class and then took the second place Grand Champion trophy over 13 other bands. We couldn't be prouder to be wearing our band parent shirts and cheering you on these past weekends. Way to go, Comets!!! You rock!!!


A proud band parent
Donna Chafatelli

A band parent saw me at the game last week and pulled me aside to thank me for my letter. She said that some of the parents have been talking about writing to the paper for a long time but that none felt qualified to do so, so it was a great surprise to come across my letter. :) Yay me!

See ya next time! :o)


D&D's Mom said...

I'm SO glad they published it! Whooo hooo!

Tink said...

It sounds like well deserved recognition.
Way to go on seeing that they get it!