Monday, January 21, 2008


YES YES YES!!!! My house is finally painted!!! As you know from previous blogs we painted my mom's house and she gave me her extra paint. It's been awhile in coming but FINALLY we painted all the areas we wanted done! Not just the living room but the hallways too! We had just enough primer and plenty of paint. It looks so nice...fresh and clean and it's semi-gloss so it's washable!! Yes, we're sore. Yes, we're tired. Yes, the house is kind of a mess from the moving of furniture and taking down of pictures, but I'm so happy it's finally done and came out so well!!

While Steve and I were painting, the boys had their own projects. Anthony tackled the basement and Michael tackled the outside. Both look great!!

Now to get the house back in order and tackle the bedrooms!!

See ya next time!! :o)

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Tink said...

Yeahhhhhhhh Chaffys! Sometimes we just need a bit of incentive to get us moving and then it falls together quickly.
Enjoy your fresh new look! I bet it's very nice!