Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rock Star Taco

As I said in a previous blog, we decided not to exchange gifts among the adults this year. Everyone just did the kids....except Mom. She also did her Grand-dogs. She bought for Joe's dog, Buck and for Taco. Taco's gift was a set of little doggy T-shirts. LOL There were four in the set.

The most "manly" one is this blue one with Rock Star across the back. As you can see....he's less than thrilled. In fact, he is WAYYYYYY less than thrilled. I put it on him and went to let him out and I swear to you he peeked out the door and looked around to see if anyone was out there who would see him. Seriously....Michael and Anthony witnessed it too. LOL He wouldn't even look at me while I tried to take this picture. I had to hold his little face. So I took the picture as quick as I could and removed the offending article of clothing. I feel bad that he doesn't like the shirts after Mom bought them special for him....but what are ya gonna do? Apparently, my dog is a nudist.

See ya next time! :o)


Tink said...

ROFL Poor Poor Taco
Some dogs will parade around like they're proud to wear clothes and others obviously find it quite humiliating. I think Taco has shown you which group he travels in!

Too cute

D&D's Mom said...

Somebody ought to call the humane society on you. You're obviously torturing that poor dog - just look at his face!!!! ROFL!

Chaffy said...

LOL I know...cruel and unusual punishment!

Chaffy said...

BTW, I spoke to mom and apologized for how ungrateful Taco is for these shirts. She laughed. The shirts have been donated to dogs that like to have clothes on. LOL