Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big weekend for Michael!

This weekend was a big weekend for Michael.

On Friday he got his license.....yep, he's on the road, people!!! He's so excited to have a little more independence. :) He's driving himself and Anthony to school and on Monday he finally got to park in the parking space we reserved for him at the beginning of the school year!! Kristi called him to come over after school yesterday and I was so pleased when he told her that he had to take Anthony home and ask Mom because, in his words, "Just because I have a license doesn't mean I can do whatever and go where ever, I still gotta ask Mom." Well, WOOOHOOO for you, Mikey!!! You hit that nail right on the head!!

This weekend was also his first overnight band trip. They went to Atlanta, GA to see a college band competition at the Georgia Dome. Very cool!!! He texted pictures and video of everything from his hotel room to the dome. It was cool that he kept in touch all weekend, calling several times to give me a blow by blow of what they were doing and what was coming next. And he bought me some fudge. :) Does he know his mom or what?

This morning I gave him twenty bucks and told him to call me after school in case I needed anything from the store. LOL I think I'm gonna LIKE having another driver in the family. :)

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

That kid is UNBELIEVABLE.He has matured sooooooooo much over the past year and I as an uncle couldn't be more proud of him.Not only is he a good kid,but hes respectful and thinks of others before himself and has the potential to be whatever he wants to be.Keep it up Mike.This uncles proud of what you've accomplished,proud of who you've become and loves ya.Way to go buddy. Love Uncle Joe P.S Missed ya Sunday but I know you had fun anyway LOL

Chaffy said...

You're a great uncle, Joe. :) Thanks for the comment.

Tink said...

WEll done Michael.
I am so glad you're now able to drive! I know how much that meant to my kids... Keep up the good attitude and you will accomplish everything you set out to do.

I love hearing how proud you make your Mom. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

All I need from you now sis is his work schedule,school schedule,and band schedule so I can park my car and lock the doors lol Joe PS I should talk BUWAHAHAHAHA