Monday, January 21, 2008

Family Catch Phrases

I think we probably all have, what I call, family catch phrases. A phrase that someone in your family said that was cute or funny that you remember and use over and over again when the opportunity presents itself. I thought I'd share a family catch phrase that we use from each of my children. Each one said these things when they were little and still, all these years later, we use them when they fit a current situation.

Kristi first since she is the oldest. When she was 2 we got her a Little Tykes Kitchen with pots and pans and fake food and teacups etc. She loved to serve us tea from her kitchen and when she'd bring you your tea she would hand the empty cup to you SOOO very carefully and say, "It's too bery caweful....blow..blow." and she would blow to show you how to blow on the tea. LOL Kristi is 20 now and anytime something is hot we say, "It's bery hot...blow blow." and we blow to demonstrate.

Michael next. When Michael was 4 we had a huge snow storm and took the kids sledding. Kristi and her friend would get in the back of the long sled and Michael would be in the front. We were out there for quite awhile and having fun, but it was cold and the snow was flying up onto Michael as they sledded. I've got video of the whole thing ending with little Michael looking up into the camera, red faced and whining, "I got splattered onnnnnnn. They always put me in the front so I'm the one to get splattered onnnnnn." Now anytime anyone gets splattered on with anything at all, we whine, "I got splattered oonnnnnnn!"

Finally, Anthony. Anthony has always had a tender soul. He doesn't like to see anything thrown away. It's almost like he feels sorry for it. It's broken, it's trash, it's not useful anymore but he is sad about it getting tossed out. So anytime we had to throw something away or replace something he would get upset and say, "I'm gonna miss that old ________." It didn't matter what it was. ...that old dishwasher. ....that old bicycle rim. ....that old kitchen floor. He's not one for change. LOL So now, anytime we replace something, someone says, "I'm gonna miss that old ________."

Luckily, we've never had to use all three phrases in the same situation. "The pot was too bery hot. The handle broke off and I got splattered onnnnnn....I'm gonna miss that old pot."

Ahhhh, family history....can't beat it!!

See ya next time! :o)


D&D's Mom said...

Bwahahahaha - I think Michael's is my fave. :D

Thanks for the laugh.

Tink said...

Teeheehee these are the things you will always remember.

Thanks for sharing!

Bella said...

Reminded me of some of our family standards: my daughter renamed all our references to umbrellas when she called it her dumb-berella. My sister Dawn saying "Suck the grapes" in imitation of my mother saying "shut the drapes" or Dawn's daughter standing there with a runny nose stating the obvious but in panic: My nose is running! my nose is running!! Now, anyone running around looking for a kleenex has to repeat that one!

Anonymous said...

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