Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Boys

Can I just take a minute to brag a bit about my boys. They have made me so proud this week!

Anthony is a freshmen in high school this year. He is a very good student but with him being my third, I knew to expect the first semester, freshmen transition period grade drop. New school, new routine, more difficult work, etc. Well I'm happy to tell you that apparently Anthony didn't need the transition period. LOL He's got a 4.0 with straight A's and is exempt from all of his final exams!! Which means while the rest of the students have to attend school until 12/18 for exam reviews and taking the exams, my young man will be having a half a day today and be out for the winter break 2 days early!

WTG, Anthony!!! I'm proud of you!!

Michael has been at his job for about a month and all of his managers can't seem to say enough terrific things about him. They are saying that he doesn't mind hard work, he's respectful, dependable, good with the customers, willing to learn, does what he's told, quick to pick up new tasks and takes on jobs without being asked. They said he's their "ace in the hole" and if they could clone 3 or 4 more of him, they could let go of the rest of the crew! They have called him in so much that he didn't even have a day off all week because they like how he works. And he's just loving all the hours he's getting!

Great job, Mikey!!! I'm proud of you!!

See ya next time! :o)


GatorMommy said...

Awesome - WTG, guys!!!!

I've told you before, you need to write the manual on how to raise good kids. (((HUGS)))

Chaffy said...

Hehe! Bridget, thanks! :) Hugs backatcha!

Chaffy said...

Hehe! Bridget, thanks! :) Hugs backatcha!