Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Season For Miracles

Hi all,

I just have to share this with you all. During the rush to get things done for the holiday with buying and planning and baking and wrapping and cooking and more buying and more wrapping, :willy-nilly: sometimes we get lost in all the running around and don't realize what a special time of year it is. Something happened to me today and I wanted to share it with you. It was special and well.....miraculous.

I was home by myself. Steve and Mike were at work and Anthony was at school. It was rainy out. Really pouring. I stayed home all day because it was just so yucky outside and I was doing laundry. I was sitting on the couch, folding a load of colors and getting to the bottom of the basket and that's when it happened.............

ALL THE SOCKS HAD A MATCH!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :o :rofl: :lol5:

See ya next time! :o)

1 comment:

DsquaredMom said...

You are so silly.

And, I think you're lying - there has never been a time on Earth where all the socks had a match. ROFLMAO