Thursday, February 28, 2008

God's plan is revealed!!

As you know, at first I was a little panicked and kinda angry but now I'm excited! Smile

Rental properties around here are not easy to find. Most people don't advertise in the paper. It's more of a word of mouth kind of thing so it's pretty hit or miss.

We found several homes.....some nice, some HORRID, all had something that wouldn't work about them. Too small, bad area, too far away from work, no pets, no INTERNET available. Shocked Surprised

I swear by now, I have made at least 100 calls trying to find something that would work for us. I've kept a list of each home that MIGHT work if we did without SOMETHING. My friends kept assuring me that God has a plan. Which I totally believe but was so impatient for Him to just TELL me already! LOL

On Monday I got yet another number to call. Turns out that this man has several homes and all were occupied. That is until he got a call from a family on SUNDAY, the day before I called him that they needed to break their lease. This family suffered the loss of their teen daughter last year. Some of you may remember me posting about it on Michael knew her from band and she was also a cheerleader and on the soccer team. We went to the services. The funeral was literally out the door standing in line to pay respects for this girl. Apparently, as it so often happens, the death took its toll on this couple and they are divorcing. Sad I feel sad for them that they are losing each other after losing their daughter. The landlord told them, considering the circumstances, he would try to find another renter quickly so they wouldn't be liable for the rest of their lease, which ends in October.

We went to see's plenty big enough, it's in town closer to the boys' schools (literally 3 minutes away) and even has a fenced in yard for Taco. All of my utility companies will stay the same and simply transfer, including internet access! It's just right! Very Happy

NOW we see the plan....none of the other houses were just right because we were meant to help this family break their lease and hopefully start to move into healing by taking THIS house. The plan was bigger than just us. Smile

See ya next time! :o)

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Tink said...

It's a bummer you have to move, but such a blessing that in doing so you will be closer to town, and know you're helping this other family in the process. It really does make us realize how blessed we are when we are forced to see what others, like them, have to go through.

I'm so glad you see the blessing in this. You are a blessing to many yourself.