Thursday, March 20, 2008


Boxes are taking over my house and my life!!! I kid you not. Half of my house is full of empty boxes waiting to be packed and the other half are boxes that have already been packed. They are everywhere! Flattened boxes, put together boxes, small boxes, large boxes, boxes with flaps, boxes with topses....wait, when did Dr. Seuss get here?

Not only are they taking over my house but my life, as well. I'm constantly scanning for boxes while shopping and swooping down on unsuspecting store employees who are getting ready to....HORROR OF HORRORS, throw OUT these boxes like they were just common trash!!!! Surprised Shocked We're talking good, top of the line boxes here!! Not the weak toilet paper boxes but the heavy duty frozen chicken boxes!! Just tossing them away!!

I know what you're thinking...Chaffy, a box is a box. Sorry, my friend, boxes come in different qualities and I have become a box expert. I'm expecting my Box Certification Diploma in the mail any day now. I plan to frame it and put it in the box with the framed pictures that I have taken off the walls all over the house.

And on we go!!

See ya next time! :o)


D&D's Mom said...

Bwahahaha - I'm so glad you can find the lighter side of moving. 'Cuz, in general, it stinks! :S

"boxes with topses" - Dr. Seuss - LOL!!

Tink said...

In just a couple more weeks you will have all your boxes moved and be scurrying to empty them. Then you'll be wondering how to get rid of all of them! Have you possibly considered just "borrowing" the boxes from the stores so you CAN take them back when you're done with them and let THEM deal with disposal?

Now there's an idea worth trying!

Lori/harpersmom said...

You are so right about the quality of the boxes!! I have moved SO many times in the last ten years, that I am a pro at box-hunting. :-) Actually, the last time we moved, I bought brand new boxes from U-haul. A first for me. I was determined to spoil myself being that I was a few months pregnant at the time. LOL

Lori said...

I almost forgot! I hope your move goes smoothly and as easy as possible for you. How exciting!!