Friday, December 14, 2007

The Lions Roar and Soar!!

Anthony's Lego Robotics team went to the State Tournament last weekend! It was his first over night trip away from home for the entire weekend other than with family. They stayed in a hotel and competed in the same types of events as the competition that was held here in his school. He did great being away all weekend!

This time there were 76 other teams there from all over the state. Each team brought something to share so they could trade with the other teams. Our Lions brought pins that they made with their team name on them. Anthony came home with pencils, rulers, candy and all kinds of goodies with other teams' names on them. Kinda like the Olympics when each country brings stuff to trade. :)

All of the participants got a State Tournament Medal. Anthony is wearing his in the above picture on a yellow ribbon, but it's behind the trophy. And speaking of the trophy.....our Lions won FIRST place out of 76 other teams in their best event, Teamwork!! They had five minutes to build a working, turning windmill....out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows! LOL They did it in three minutes with just a few whispers between them. The judge was amazed! She said, You guys hardly even talked it out. I was trying to hear what you were saying but couldn't! You just all knew how to work together SO efficiently!

Their teacher was so very proud!! When I went to pick Anthony up, Mr. C. brought out the trophy with a grin and a little song like a child would. He said, LOOK! It's made of Legos!! I'd seen pictures of them but never got to see one in person! I said, And you even get to KEEP this one!!! LOL

WTG, HCMS Lions!!! You did your school proud!!!!

See ya next time! :o)

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Tinkersweb said...

Well done Anthony!!!
I bet you're proud Chaffy. What a neat thing to compete in.