Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This Christmas was different. It wasn't about a ton of gifts. My kids are older and it's no longer about quantity and a mountain of presents under the tree. This year my kids got just four gifts each under the tree and were thrilled with their loot.

This year it wasn't about over spending and trying to find the right gift for the adults. We all agreed to just celebrate the day with each other's company without the stress of buying gifts for each other.

This year wasn't about cooking all day on Christmas. It was about preparation of a great Italian meal before hand and simply popping it in the oven. It wasn't about the good china but served on paper plates so that the family could spend time together chatting and playing games instead of cooking and cleaning.

This year was about finding creative ways to help others, children who would have no Christmas without a little compassion and sharing of the Christmas spirit. It was about remembering our soldiers and their families whose Christmases would be spent apart from the ones they loved.

This year was about attending Christmas Eve mass as a family and singing carols and through song and prayer, praising our Lord, for whom this day is intended to honor.

I hope your Christmas was just as lovely as mine this year, my friends.

See ya next time. :o)


D&D's Mom said...

Donna, that sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

This year was about the presence (presents)of FAMILY.It was TERRIFIC not stressing out about what to get,how much to spend,if theyd like the gifts,waiting in lines,fighting the crowds.It was simply about family,and thats what it SHOULD be about.It was a nice,calming,relaxing day with the ones we love and i believe we started a new caramel pie/no present tradition LOL.Thanks Chaffy Love your bro

Chaffy said...

Definitely a new caramel pie/no present tradition!! LOL

Thanks to Bridget for the great recipe! :)

D&D's Mom said...

I guess you better make two next year! :O) I'm so glad you liked it. We do, too! And, in case JackieM is reading this, Thanks again for the recipe!