Friday, December 14, 2007

Full Circle

Michael was 11 years old. A sixth grader in his second year of elementary school band, where they were learning how to play and the concerts consisted of songs like, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Three Blind Mice. Kristi was a freshman and, after playing saxophone in elementary and middle school, was in her first year with the high school band. We sat in the balcony for the high school Winter Concert. The band played very well. Some songs we knew, some we didn't.

Then a featured soloist came out in front of the band. His name was Jamie. He was a trumpet player. Michael's eyes were glued. When he started to play, Georgia on My Mind with the rest of the band as his back up, Michael leaned forward in his seat, eyes wide, watching every finger movement, listening to every note. Jamie was good....really good. Michael was fascinated and amazed. When the song was over the crowd applauded. Michael was on his feet. This 11 year old little boy looked at me and said, Mom, that's how I want to play. That's what I want to do. I wanna be in front of the band some day playing like that.

That little boy is 17 now. He's a senior this year. Last night was the Winter Concert and there was my son, standing out in front of the band, his silver trumpet in hand, playing the exact same version of Georgia on My Mind with the rest of the band as his back up. They hadn't played that song since Jamie played it six years ago. He was amazing. His dad and I were near tears. He had come full circle.

Afterwards, it was hard to even get to him with all the people wanting to shake his hand. He was so pleased. We were so proud. Hugs all around. On the way home, I reminded him of that concert six years ago when he was in awe of Jamie. He remembered it. What he did not remember was the song Jamie played that night until I told him. He was floored.

Now I am hearing from another band parent who has a freshmen trumpet player in the band, that her son is in awe of Michael. He wants to play like that....he wants to be in front of the band some day. He wants a silver trumpet.

And the circle continues....

Georgia on My Mind....Enjoy, my friends!

See ya next time! :o)


Anonymous said...

He was absolutely AMAZINGGGGGG.I didnt realize he played so good.I could listen to him for hours and thats just not coming from his "uncle" thats coming from someone who REALLY enjoyed listening to him play a "spectator".He was definatly worth the waiting through the chorus.ANDDDDDD you can thank Mike cause Ive had Georgia on my mind all day singing it and reliving his trumpet in my head LOL thats the truth.Keep it up Mike and I love ya
Love Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

That freshman now has a King Silver Flair trumpet and he is blowing it like a pro. Michael has helped him a lot and showed him that he can do so much more than what is expected if he willing to put the work and practice into it.