Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The First Snow of 2009!

Well, we have our first snow of 2009 and our first snow day for the kids, which made Anthony VERY happy this morning. Now, you have to remember that we are in South Virginia, where a dusting of snow will cause people to stock their pantries and fridges as if they wouldn't be able to get to a grocery store for several weeks. Where the slightest ground coverage will cause schools, churches and doctor's offices to send out cancellations and close up their doors tight. For those of you in places where the get REAL snow accumulations, these pictures will give you a giggle.

Here is our front yard and the street in front of our house.....see the grass poking out? LOL

Here's our driveway....barely dusted. LOL

This is what makes practically the entire county shut down. LOL To my family and friends in places like Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, are you laughing your hiney off??? Being from Jersey ourselves, we get a giggle every time this happens and today is no exception. :rofl:

See ya next time! Smile

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Anonymous said...

Chaffy, these pictures cracked me up! The whole town shut down, eh??? HAH!!! Today we got above freezing for the first time in about a month and I'm happy to report the snow has melted and we're down to about half a foot!

I haven't seen your blog in awhile but always enjoy reading it. I need to bookmark it! Hope you have a good weekend!