Monday, November 17, 2008

My Birthday Day

You may be wondering about the title of this blog. My birthday day? What is that? In our home, when it's your birthday it is tradition that you are waited hand and foot and pampered all day. You do no work and whatever you need someone will get it or do it for you. You choose your birthday dinner and cake and you are pretty much the king or queen for the day.

That being said, sometimes the actual birthday falls on a day when it's impossible to do this for the birthday person, like during the work week when everyone is out working or at school. So on a weekend day when everyone is home, we celebrate the person's birthday and call it their birthday day when they will be pampered all day by the rest of the family.

This year my birthday falls on a Wednesday so yesterday was my birthday day! I chose raviolis, Italian sausage and garlic bread for my birthday dinner which was prepared by my husband and chocolate cake with vanilla icing for my birthday cake which was made by my youngest son. Both were DELICIOUS...even more so because I didn't have to make them, I'm sure.

All the kids were home and my mom and brother came over for the day. I got some lovely gifts...a special hat from my sons, mug that I wanted from my brother, a beautiful hand-made glass container with butterflies on it from my daughter. a new cell phone from my husband and some really pretty shirts from my mom. I didn't lift a finger all day and it was just wonderful!

I'm so grateful that I have such a terrific family who makes me feel special and loved and appreciated. I am truly blessed. Smile

See ya next time!

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