Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - Young Adult Style

When my kids were little, I had such fun dressing them up for trick or treating. We did all the usual cute and adorable costumes, pumpkins, kitty cats, fire fighters, fairy princesses, all the great ones. This year my oldest children, Kristi and Michael, are too old for trick or treating but now they are into Halloween parties. Let me just say that as young adults, left to their own devices, "cute and adorable" turns into something else entirely!!! They decided to go as a pimp and his...errr...lady of the evening. Here are some pics I can't wait to show THEIR kids someday!! LOL

Michael and Kristi

Pimp Kristi - not to be messed with!

Pretty Woman Michael - Work it, baby, work it!!

Holding that purse with ATTITUDE!

I told Michael that women would KILL for a figure like that!!! He and Kristi went to the party and were a hit! The guys were hitting on Michael and he would refer him to Kristi for the price list. LOL Meanwhile, he was strutting his stuff up to the girls and telling them he was hotter than they were. LOL

Where did my little fairy princess and firefighter go?

Happy Halloween all!

See ya next time! :o)

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