Friday, April 11, 2008

"The Whistler"

Before we made the big move to the new house, we were able to bring over boxes that had been packed a little at a time while the previous tenant was moving out a little at a time. Sounds confusing but she was moving out on the top floor while I was moving in on the bottom floor.

One very nice sunny day, Michael and I were at the new house with a load of boxes and had unloaded them all into the house. The house was empty. The street was quiet since it was the middle of the week and the middle of the day and probably everyone was at work. We were sitting on the front porch taking a breather when I heard a whistle. A whistle like kind you hear a construction worker make at a pretty woman. It was so quiet that you could hear it loud and clear and yet no one was around. It was kinda creepy. It felt like someone had been watching from inside their house, lurking in the shadows, behind their curtain and now was whistling that sexy, inappropriate kind of whistle that just makes you uncomfortable. We heard it a few more times and that was weird enough for me. I told Michael I was getting creeped out and we went home.

Yesterday, I found out who "The Whistler" is. It was the first REALLY nice day since we moved in and I opened all the windows for the first time. Suddenly there it was again. THAT whistle. And again....and then a different kind of whistle, like calling a dog....and then....

*SQUAWK* Pretty bird...pretty bird.

Apparently, my neighbor has a very talented bird and SHE opened HER windows yesterday too. LOL

See ya next time! :o)

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