Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michael Skates...Mom Prays

This is hard for me to watch. Probably hard for any mom to watch. Michael is attempting what is called, in the skating world, a 7-set. A 7-set consists of flinging your body down a flight of seven steps while trying to keep yourself on a 2 and a half foot board with wheels, landing with your feet on the board at the bottom and neatly rolling away into super stardom of the skating world. Sounds fun, don't ya think??

These attempts were caught on video. If you're squeamish, these videos are not for you. Consider yourself warned. Viewer discretion is advised. LOL

Sweet Victory!!!!!!

After this day of skating, my boy came home sweaty, dirty, bruised, scraped, bloody and limping...... he looked like he'd been mugged. By the time I was done patching him up he looked like he was part mummy. Knees, elbows, hands.... :o(

But when asked if it was worth it, his answer was OHHHHH YEEEAHHHHH!!!! LOL

See ya next time! :o)


D&D's Mom said...

Wow - Mike, you really know how to roll out of a fall...except for that one time. You looked like you weren't sure you were going to GET back up. LOL

Congrats on nailing it! Does this mean you'll stop scaring your mother now? ;-)

Tink said...

Dang, that hurt to watch!
Well done that last time though. lol

~Becky said...

OMG! I would die! No pads or anything? I kept waiting for a compound fracture! LOL!

*sigh* Sam just turned 4 and has already been asking for a skateboard for months now. I can't imagine. EEK!

Well done, Michael. Congratulations!

Chaffy said...

Becky, after this day he is voluntarily wearing his pads. Elbows, knees, hands. My next goal is to get him to wear a helmet. Don't know if that will happen though. Please start Sam off wearing these things as a matter of looking both ways when crossing the street. It's just how it's done. Ya know? :)

Anonymous said...

WHY WHYYYYY do you torture me like this??You KNOW I cant download videos on this stone aged connection called DIAL-UP,but yet you still INSIST on torturing me.Did I do something THAT bad to you when we were growing up?
Reading the blog and the comments though maybe its better I didnt see.Ummmmm 1 question.Did you tell Mike he has a CAR now and he dont need to use the skateboard as a mode of transportation.LOL see ya sis. C.B.

Chaffy said...

LOL Joe!! Next time you pop over I'll show them to ya. :)

Lori (harpersmom) said...

OMG! Well, yay for Michael for sticking the landing there at the end! :-) Did you talk him into a helmet yet, Donna?? LOL