Thursday, August 23, 2007 Nah!

So I was thinking today about the fairly new term of "multi-tasking." It's a term that people think of in an office situation or a career but think about moms.....yep just regular old moms. Shoot, we've been multi-tasking since the beginning of time!!

When my kids were younger, I had a childless friend who came by to chat around 4:00 and sat at my table while my kids sat doing their homework and I made dinner. We're having a nice conversation when suddenly I notice she's looking at me and has stopped talking. I stop my stirring with one hand and grabbing dishes with the other and say, What?

She just sits there and says, How do you do this?

This? This what?

She's still staring and says, I'm sitting here and watching you cook dinner, set the table, help two kids with homework, keep the baby happy and you can still have a perfectly logical conversation with me. HOW do you DO that?????

LOL, she was amazed at my every day I just looked at her and said...I'm a mom, it comes with the territory. :o)

Think about it, you do it too, all day long. On your way to the bathroom, you pick up toys and stray socks, you straighten the pile of library books waiting to be returned, you sign a permission slip, hug a child, fix a toy, wipe a tear, check out the YouYube video your teen wants to show you and flick off light switches in unused rooms as you pass by. While you're IN the bathroom, you eye the sink, reach for the spray and wipe down as much of the sink as you can from your sitting position and make a mental note that the empty prescription bottle needs to be fact, you grab your cell phone off your hip and call that in, while you have a quiet moment behind a closed door. Sitting time over, you wipe down the rest of the sink that you couldn't reach before, toss the empty prescription bottle and open the door. On your way BACK, you turn off more lights, head through the kitchen, take out something for dinner, add to the shopping list on the fridge, pick up another sock, get a snack for a child, pick up another toy, feed the dog and answer the phone.

Multi-tasking...a new concept? Not for moms!!! This is just our regular day! It's part of who we are and what we do. Think about this the next time YOU get up to go to the bathroom. I bet you'll see just how much multi-tasking you do and you don't even realize it. WTG SuperMom! You ROCK!

See ya next time! ;o)

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