Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another school year is upon us.

Here, in Virginia, the summer is over even though it's still 100 degrees out there. Last week I joyously took my teen boys to their schools to meet their teachers, all the while singing in my head my theme song for this time of the year, stolen from the Staples commercial....It's the mooooosttt wonderfulllll tiiiime of the yeeeaaar.....

I try to conceal my giddiness at having my house back to myself, at not having to listen to Guitar Hero blasting from my 17 year old's room and annoying cartoon voices from my 13 year old's room. I try to hide the fact that once they are back to school that I will be basking in the golden silence that is coming. I'm already thinking of the money I will be saving on gas carting them to friends' houses, the pool, the movies, not to mention the money I will save on sodas and snacks even though according to these young men of mine, There's nothing to eat in heeeeerrrreeee. Did you hear the whine?? Of course you did....hmmmm wine....maybe later. What was I saying? Oh yes, school. :o)

I happily fight the crowds at Wal-Mart to buy the specific folders, pens, protractors, notebooks, yada yada yaaaaddaaaaa that the teachers require my kids to have. The boys came with me as I hold up folders for them to choose from trying to hide the grin threatening to come out and give my excitement away. They roll their eyes at me saying, We're not 5, doesn't matter what kind of folder, can we GO??? I toss the "boy colored" folders in the cart and we move on.

I was in all my glory packing their book bags with all their new loot. A pocket for every little thing as I stuff them full and sit them neatly at the door, waiting for that first day!'s here!!! The alarm rings at 6:30 am and it's time. Up, dressed, breakfast, lunch money, teeth brushed, face washed, ready to go!! The bus is coming and I stand on the porch and wave......Have a good day, boys!!! Love ya!! I call with a grin.

I step inside and close my eyes and listen. There it is....the silence. No TV, no video games, no trumpet practice, no computer bleeping and blooping......just the ticking of the wall clock. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick......

THEN, I do my traditional Happy-First-Day-of-School dance. Legs pumping, arms in the air, a tiny squeal of joy escapes into the silence. Freeeeeeeee!!!!!!! My day is freeeeeee!!!!!

I'm not surprised at this feeling....I've been preparing for it and waiting for it for weeks and now it's here!! What DOES surprise me is that while I'm waiting for 4:00, I'm getting another feeling...a feeling of excitement because they are coming home. I've missed them. I want to hear all about their day. I wait with the dog at the window for the bus to appear and grin when I see them get off. I hug them as they come in the door and tell them, I missed you guys today. They grin and hug me back and say, I missed you too, Mom. :o)

Now, where's that wine.....see ya next time!

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~Becky said...

I hope you're enjoying your first week back in the peace and silence. Unfortunately, not ALL of Virginia is back yet. :( My kiddos don't start back until after Labor Day. Booo... It seems so far away. Of course, with my oldest starting kindergarten, I'm sure I'll be missing her when she goes off (or will I???). ;)