Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend we went on a weekend getaway for our 25th anniversary. It was SOOO great! We got to the cabin about 5:30 and was able to freshen up and change before heading out to dinner. Chateau Morrisette was sooooo beautiful!! Image
You could eat inside or outside. We ate inside but this was the view from the outside dining area. The sun was just about to set. Image
The food was wonderful and the service and atmosphere were terrific! They even treated us for dessert when they realized it was our anniversary. :) We found a new wine that we LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Image
We drank nearly the whole bottle with dinner. Had two glasses left for the next day. We brought a few bottles home with us, it was so good!

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at Mabry Mill. Image
It's an old still working mill powered by a wooden aqueduct system and a water wheel that was built in 1910. Image
There is a small diner type restaurant there and the park with the old buildings from that time with a blacksmith shop and weaving shop with people working in them. Image Image
So cool to see this historical stuff. Image Image
Then we went into the two small towns and walked up and down their main streets where they were having a huge yard sale. We walked into all their little shops and antique stores and just had a great time looking and window shopping and had lunch at a small mom and pop type restaurant. That afternoon we went back to the winery for a tour and a tasting. First, the tour where they took us into the winery itself and told us all the steps, showing us the machines that took you from grapes all the way to the bottling and labeling process. Afterwards, we had a wine tasting where you get to taste 12 different wines and then keep your glass. This is the wine tasting room. Image
We decided that the wine we chose the night before was still our very favorite. :) That evening we went to a free concert under the stars of a local band and then had a late dinner at a Mexican restaurant. This is a random pic Steve took of me. LOL Image

Sunday, we had breakfast and washed the towels and sheets we used while at the cabin. Then we scouted more antique shops for roosters. The friend who owns the cabin collects roosters. Her whole kitchen is done in rustic rooster stuff. We found a few things and bought them to thank her for allowing us to use the cabin. It'll be a surprise to her when she goes up there next weekend. We left there in the afternoon and had dinner on the way home. Got home about 7:30 and relaxed.

It was really so wonderful and romantic and lovely. Image

Here's to the next 25!!! Kiss

See ya next time! :o)

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